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Welcome to the True Guild. 

Guild site will be updated periodically. 

I believe most of the guild forum rules would also apply in-game. 

1; For me and Auger personally, do NOT ask for our opinion on anything in your personal life. I, for one, do not care, and he simply can't put up with it. 

2; At least have a general knowledge of the game, but if you have a ton of questions, just visit the wiki. 

3; It is IMPORTANT that you respect not just the officers, but everyone in the guild. I, personally, will treat you like crap if you treat me like crap. Want respect, respect everyone else. <3 

4; Keep all image posts PG-13. This is a guild site, not another porn site, kids. 

5;HOAX'S LITTLE RULE, Do not post sob stories. Thank you.

Augers turn
6; No slander, (i.e. anything related to sexual orientation, gender, and or color/race) We want to be civil.

7;ONLY for those who evg : Play nice, no camping unless they've camped you, or someone from our guild, and please, don't rage.

8;Don't argue or fight in guild chat

9;Don't spam guild chat

10; also, picture rules apply to videos as well, if you post a video with foul language, please say so in a brief manner (i.e. -contains language) that way people in the guild can decide if they want to watch it or not., however, absolutely  no nudity, its auto ban.

All rules will be handled in the manner of strikes. 

The first two strikes are warnings, and as they say in baseball, 3 strikes and you're out. It is possible to remove your strikes simply by not getting any more for a week. 

Thanks~Auger and Hoax~ your guild admins
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